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the luckiest girl in the world

January 2, 2011

Alexa Chung, WHY IS SHE SO COOL? Not to mention why did she steal my accessories??

Firstly, she was at the forefront of the Atacoma Movement, so naturally Jeffrey Campbell made a shoe after her!

Secondly, google image ‘karen walker sunglasses’ and what will you find? of course! Alexa Chung in Karen Walker’s!

Karen Walker X-Ray Vision Sunglasses

Thirdly, Alex Turner! Faris Badwan of the Horrors! James Righton of the Klaxons! All perfect accessories!

And frankly I can’t say I really like her fashion sense (in terms of clothing choices) –

blergh                                                          blergh                                                blergh.

BUT now Mawi has gone and designed a necklace as tribute to her! Topping their online shop is the ‘Alexa Chung Necklace’

And Mulberry has made an entire range of bags named after her; the ‘Alexa’

What is the craze? Perhaps I should give in, every now and again she does wear something cute..

New fashion idol? Not yet. Though watch this space.

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