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Do I want this ring? Oui oui!

January 8, 2011

So I found this ring on Garance’s website! Yes, she is amazing! Yes, I do worship her!

And of course Emma Watson is pioneering the Oui movement – they make a woman’s hands look so delicate! If someone proposed to me in this? Screw typical engagement rings – screw Tiffany &co.! How could I not say Oui? Oui!

Solange Azagury-Partridge as part of the ‘Tough Love’ Collection also designed a ‘Love‘ $1 800 and ‘Marry Me’ $1 505 version; also this beautiful ring called ‘Offering‘ – delicate hands holding up the stone:

They make Mimioui rings too! Which aren’t half as cute, but a ring named after me (of course – who else would it be named after?) – I’ll take it with open arms!

And delicate little necklaces! And bracelets! And chunky colourful rings and earrings – both of which have tiny detailing on the prongs which hold the stone saying ‘oui’. How cute!

I’ve never seen this side of Dior, but I love it!

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