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April 9, 2011

Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room the other day, I came upon an old issue of Vogue containing this –

The fantastic Bvlgari necklace made for the late Princess Soraya (far right) by the Shah of Iran. The colour combination and intricate details are epic for want of a better word – I love that Bvlgari describes colour as ‘the essence of jewellery’. How Keira Knightley ended up wearing it to the 2006 Oscars though beats me. And I can’t imagine Princess Soraya being particularly happy with that, would you want another woman wearing a necklace dedicated to you?

Anyway my point in this lesson is that statement necklaces are historically significant – the woman on the left is wearing multiple layers of beaded necklace as part of a traditional Maasai wedding celebration.

Not too long later I was picking up my layby’d Claude Maus jeans, and I came upon this fantastic piece of art –

(it’s the one on the far right) which I impulsively also put on layby. The best impulse purchase I’ve made though!
The above designs are all by Tatty Devine and range from $60 to $450 AUD! I managed to get my Ancient Pyramid Inverted necklace for $75, significantly less than expected considering how freakin’ awesome it is.

Above is Future Mystic Crescent necklace $250, and Lizzie Redbone $420

These are also from Tatty Devine

Zip $110, Egyptian Pharaoh $120, Dinosaur $180

Swallow $65, Halcyon Skies $85, Glitter Hummingbird $310

Aarrghhhh $70, Quartz Crystal Multi Shard $335, and Fishbone $60.

Here are some of my favourites from Dannijo

All rather African/Egyptian inspired, they are aptly named Delu $270, Evan $395 and Tova $345

and the (inadvertently?) face-resembling Adianca $495, Cota $795, Florence $545, and Zander $420

Paradis $945, Sydney $545, and Rexanna $370. Why Sydney deserves a Dannijo necklace dedication beats me, but the orange ‘horn-drops’ are exquisite.

Then there’s the ever-amazing designs of Solange Azagury-Partridge (who I will dedicate an article to in future!)

The Bleeding Heart necklace was for H&M’s (RED) Collection (a statement in more ways than one!) and the Stoned necklace was mentioned in Michi Girl a few weeks ago! Also, Solange Azagury-Partridge released a short film to launch the Stoned collection starring Thandie Newton –

…adequately evasive for a fashion film. Here are two more necklaces from her other collections –

Far Out and Random. The Stoned necklace I find similar to the opulent, extravagant necklaces of Tom Binns

who in some senses is the most traditional in his choice of stone – rather using colour and shape to distinguish his jewellery.

But then the occasional punk-inspired collar will surface –
and his recent designs have tended toward African/Indian patterns.

I’m really hoping the statement necklace will rapidly change (as fashion does) from the upper-class,middle-aged woman with whom it is associated to be adopted by the fashion-forward youth. History will repeat itself. Can’t wait!

Considering how long this post was (and how much I had to cut down for it!) I could probably do an entire blog about this. Stay tuned.

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