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April 12, 2011

Luella Bartley is one of my favourite designers. And yet I only knew of her label by the time it had shut down. ARGH If only there wasn’t a financial crisis! Her clothes are amazing! She was destined for great things! If only I was rich enough to support her company. If only I was rich enough to afford her clothes.

And the details! Those patent, pointy, heels and 50’s inspired polka dots! The Luella girl is oh-so classy and feminine. Above and below is her last collection, Spring 2010 RTW.

One of the main reasons I fell so intensely in love with Luella was because of this glittery pair of heels featuring in an editorial in Lula Magazine (the magazine isn’t affiliated with the brand even though it has a similar name)

Ils sont très belle! And I wanted them so much for my year 12 formal but alas! Luella had ceased trading. Even these are so cute –

And here’s the Spring 2009 RTW (yeah I skipped Autumn – it bores me! The only redeeming feature to cold weather is stomping on crunchy leaves on the way home)

She’s not afraid of bright and contrasting colours

or mixing patterns and  textures!

But she never fails to make them work. I particularly love the yellow-rimmed patent navy heels from the Spring 2008 RTW (middle girl) –

And then not too long later I went on ASOS and came across this pink gingham dress by Wheels & Dollbaby (far left) and got all worked up because I was outraged at its similarity to the dress from Luella’s Spring 2010 RTW (though on reflection it’s not very similar at all) and was this close || to doing a post about the insolence of people who copy designer dress shapes and sell them for much cheaper until I realised that Wheels & Dollbaby had been trading longer than Luella and that Sretsis (middle) and Alannah Hill (far right) also do very similar clothes!

And more than anything, these brands should fill the gaping hole in my heart that Luella has left behind.

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  1. sarah permalink
    April 16, 2011 1:45 am

    love the sweetheart cut out in those first couple of dresses! so cute
    and i love the blog! and i love you! xox

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