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May 1, 2011

I can’t help but find patterns in fashion, that’s basically how all my blog posts have come to be. So perusing street fashion blogs today, I came across this –

I’m not a fan of the girl from Facehunter’s outfit (particularly the leggings!) but the dress she wears is fantastic! Fields of gold printed on a simple shift/oversized blouse. And then I stumbled upon the new Michi Girl email on Karla Spetic’s Memory skirt (below left) – and found a dress with a similar concept. Above is Centre Windmill dress, Kimberley blazer and skirt; below and right is Journey Road shirt.

It’s such a simple idea. Landscape photography is popular and its subject merely the beauty of nature. Mix that with fashion and it’s doubly aesthetically pleasing, right? A while ago I remember Fat4 used to stock these swimsuits/bodysuits by We Are Handsome. The photos are beautiful and the colours are vivid. It makes you want to be there.

I can’t help but wonder if the fashion designer is charged with taking the photo to be printed, or have they merely chosen the photos? Maybe they aren’t even legitimate photos, but artworks so accurate they look like photos. Or graphically generated on a computer? Above is The Arabia and The Los Angeles, below is The Bordeaux, and The Yosemite, all from We Are Handsome’s The Pictures Collection 2010.

Yeah, that’s the back of The Yosemite bandeau, I thought it was more interesting than it’s front – a picture of an eagle in front of the mountain range. On further investigation via Polyvore and Net-A-Porter I came across these two –

This first one looks like a regular retro-inspired Lomo picture but it’s not! It is in fact a scarf printed with a regular retro-inspired picture! Which seems like a bit of a redundant idea considering that a scarf is normally folded up and you wouldn’t even see the picture but I like it. I think it requires a bit of thought to wear in such a way as to display the picture – perhaps as a bandeau? I like that word bandeau.

The second one was discovered from my explorations of Net-A-Porter. Valentina (from The Sartorialist) wears a Jacques-Louis David printed skirt. Similarly, Mary Katrantzou does avant-garde, interior-decoration/landscape inspired prints for her Spring 2011 RTW. Yes, that first dress does have a lampshade skirt! How brilliant is that? The first skirt from the left appears to be printed with a dining room, the second lampshade with a view from a window, the third dress with the interior of a fancy house, and the last dress with numerous cityscapes. Genius, if you ask me. Interior decoration is fascinating – so why not mix it with fashion?

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