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a bit of black and white

August 30, 2011

So I’m trying to reformat my blog and therefore will be on a temporary hiatus from blogging (in addition to the hiatus I’ve already been on haha) – but I won’t let this become an orphan blog!
For now here are some inspirational vids to get you all philosophical –

Iron by Woodkid* is now part of my favourite EPs! The boyfriend showed me a pre-rendered game trailer for Assassin’s Creed Revelations and this was the (very appropriate) song playing in the background. How much does it make you think of an epic battle? Therefore I deem it similar to the stuff of Fleet Foxes and The XX – I was looking up video clips for them the other day and I could barely find any! Which now I think is very fitting – their music doesn’t particularly need a video clip anyway, it’s evocative enough as is. Anyway, check it –

In contrast**, fashion films are incessantly vague and superficial! I’ve yet to see one that really evoked an emotional response from me. You know how some films have a done-before storyline but you’re compelled to keep watching because of how attractive the actors are? Or how the film setting itself (i.e. Avatar) makes you wish you didn’t live in boring ol’ suburbia? Well fashion films lack any meaningful plot or done-before storyline! They’re purely aesthetic. A prime example is Karl Lagerfeld’s Tale of a Fairy film for Chanel Cruise 2012 –

Admittedly the fashion and the setting is fantastic, but I had no clue what was going on by the end of the film! I hope that was purposeful. I still love you Karl Lagerfeld.

*Also, I’ve linked to Vimeo (even though the vids are from Youtube cos Vimeo doesn’t embed well for me) because I’m ashamed by the now constant advertising on Youtube!
** Yeah I’ve been writing too many essays and segues are taking over my life!

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