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Gucci Spring 2011 RTW

May 16, 2011

I mentally reside in the Northern Hemisphere. So when it’s winter I’m more interested in Summer clothes, and in Summer I’m more interested in Winter Clothes. Hence, Gucci Spring 2011 RTW and prints of summer in Australia!

So I love the ‘jewel-tones’ of Gucci’s collection! And I’ve never even been remotely interested in their clothes on the basis of their designer-for-the-sake-of-‘designer’ labelling – you know Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Armani? Household names cos everyone would love to own a bag stamped GUCCI regardless of how ugly it looks, so they can feel rich and flaunt it. Not that their bags are ugly, I just don’t see the appeal.

Anyway, the tribal inspired dresses are fantastic. Those fringes and studs are incredibly intricate! And the way those colours stand out on the more tanned models. I’d particularly love to own that turquoise number in the middle. Below, Camilla Belle looks beautiful decked out entirely in Gucci.



May 1, 2011

I can’t help but find patterns in fashion, that’s basically how all my blog posts have come to be. So perusing street fashion blogs today, I came across this –

I’m not a fan of the girl from Facehunter’s outfit (particularly the leggings!) but the dress she wears is fantastic! Fields of gold printed on a simple shift/oversized blouse. And then I stumbled upon the new Michi Girl email on Karla Spetic’s Memory skirt (below left) – and found a dress with a similar concept. Above is Centre Windmill dress, Kimberley blazer and skirt; below and right is Journey Road shirt.

It’s such a simple idea. Landscape photography is popular and its subject merely the beauty of nature. Mix that with fashion and it’s doubly aesthetically pleasing, right? A while ago I remember Fat4 used to stock these swimsuits/bodysuits by We Are Handsome. The photos are beautiful and the colours are vivid. It makes you want to be there.

I can’t help but wonder if the fashion designer is charged with taking the photo to be printed, or have they merely chosen the photos? Maybe they aren’t even legitimate photos, but artworks so accurate they look like photos. Or graphically generated on a computer? Above is The Arabia and The Los Angeles, below is The Bordeaux, and The Yosemite, all from We Are Handsome’s The Pictures Collection 2010.

Yeah, that’s the back of The Yosemite bandeau, I thought it was more interesting than it’s front – a picture of an eagle in front of the mountain range. On further investigation via Polyvore and Net-A-Porter I came across these two –

This first one looks like a regular retro-inspired Lomo picture but it’s not! It is in fact a scarf printed with a regular retro-inspired picture! Which seems like a bit of a redundant idea considering that a scarf is normally folded up and you wouldn’t even see the picture but I like it. I think it requires a bit of thought to wear in such a way as to display the picture – perhaps as a bandeau? I like that word bandeau.

The second one was discovered from my explorations of Net-A-Porter. Valentina (from The Sartorialist) wears a Jacques-Louis David printed skirt. Similarly, Mary Katrantzou does avant-garde, interior-decoration/landscape inspired prints for her Spring 2011 RTW. Yes, that first dress does have a lampshade skirt! How brilliant is that? The first skirt from the left appears to be printed with a dining room, the second lampshade with a view from a window, the third dress with the interior of a fancy house, and the last dress with numerous cityscapes. Genius, if you ask me. Interior decoration is fascinating – so why not mix it with fashion?


April 12, 2011

Luella Bartley is one of my favourite designers. And yet I only knew of her label by the time it had shut down. ARGH If only there wasn’t a financial crisis! Her clothes are amazing! She was destined for great things! If only I was rich enough to support her company. If only I was rich enough to afford her clothes.

And the details! Those patent, pointy, heels and 50’s inspired polka dots! The Luella girl is oh-so classy and feminine. Above and below is her last collection, Spring 2010 RTW.

One of the main reasons I fell so intensely in love with Luella was because of this glittery pair of heels featuring in an editorial in Lula Magazine (the magazine isn’t affiliated with the brand even though it has a similar name)

Ils sont très belle! And I wanted them so much for my year 12 formal but alas! Luella had ceased trading. Even these are so cute –

And here’s the Spring 2009 RTW (yeah I skipped Autumn – it bores me! The only redeeming feature to cold weather is stomping on crunchy leaves on the way home)

She’s not afraid of bright and contrasting colours

or mixing patterns and  textures!

But she never fails to make them work. I particularly love the yellow-rimmed patent navy heels from the Spring 2008 RTW (middle girl) –

And then not too long later I went on ASOS and came across this pink gingham dress by Wheels & Dollbaby (far left) and got all worked up because I was outraged at its similarity to the dress from Luella’s Spring 2010 RTW (though on reflection it’s not very similar at all) and was this close || to doing a post about the insolence of people who copy designer dress shapes and sell them for much cheaper until I realised that Wheels & Dollbaby had been trading longer than Luella and that Sretsis (middle) and Alannah Hill (far right) also do very similar clothes!

And more than anything, these brands should fill the gaping hole in my heart that Luella has left behind.

Conversation Starters

April 9, 2011

Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room the other day, I came upon an old issue of Vogue containing this –

The fantastic Bvlgari necklace made for the late Princess Soraya (far right) by the Shah of Iran. The colour combination and intricate details are epic for want of a better word – I love that Bvlgari describes colour as ‘the essence of jewellery’. How Keira Knightley ended up wearing it to the 2006 Oscars though beats me. And I can’t imagine Princess Soraya being particularly happy with that, would you want another woman wearing a necklace dedicated to you?

Anyway my point in this lesson is that statement necklaces are historically significant – the woman on the left is wearing multiple layers of beaded necklace as part of a traditional Maasai wedding celebration.

Not too long later I was picking up my layby’d Claude Maus jeans, and I came upon this fantastic piece of art –

(it’s the one on the far right) which I impulsively also put on layby. The best impulse purchase I’ve made though!
The above designs are all by Tatty Devine and range from $60 to $450 AUD! I managed to get my Ancient Pyramid Inverted necklace for $75, significantly less than expected considering how freakin’ awesome it is.

Above is Future Mystic Crescent necklace $250, and Lizzie Redbone $420

These are also from Tatty Devine

Zip $110, Egyptian Pharaoh $120, Dinosaur $180

Swallow $65, Halcyon Skies $85, Glitter Hummingbird $310

Aarrghhhh $70, Quartz Crystal Multi Shard $335, and Fishbone $60.

Here are some of my favourites from Dannijo

All rather African/Egyptian inspired, they are aptly named Delu $270, Evan $395 and Tova $345

and the (inadvertently?) face-resembling Adianca $495, Cota $795, Florence $545, and Zander $420

Paradis $945, Sydney $545, and Rexanna $370. Why Sydney deserves a Dannijo necklace dedication beats me, but the orange ‘horn-drops’ are exquisite.

Then there’s the ever-amazing designs of Solange Azagury-Partridge (who I will dedicate an article to in future!)

The Bleeding Heart necklace was for H&M’s (RED) Collection (a statement in more ways than one!) and the Stoned necklace was mentioned in Michi Girl a few weeks ago! Also, Solange Azagury-Partridge released a short film to launch the Stoned collection starring Thandie Newton –

…adequately evasive for a fashion film. Here are two more necklaces from her other collections –

Far Out and Random. The Stoned necklace I find similar to the opulent, extravagant necklaces of Tom Binns

who in some senses is the most traditional in his choice of stone – rather using colour and shape to distinguish his jewellery.

But then the occasional punk-inspired collar will surface –
and his recent designs have tended toward African/Indian patterns.

I’m really hoping the statement necklace will rapidly change (as fashion does) from the upper-class,middle-aged woman with whom it is associated to be adopted by the fashion-forward youth. History will repeat itself. Can’t wait!

Considering how long this post was (and how much I had to cut down for it!) I could probably do an entire blog about this. Stay tuned.

Deborah Lippmann

March 11, 2011

Deborah Lippmann is a jazz singer turned manicurist-extraordinaire. She’s worked for the likes of Vogue, W, Vanity Fair as well as Versace, Valentino and Balenciaga. Obviously she hit the jackpot as a manicurist, as now she has her own line of about 45 nail polishes alot of which were designed with celebrities – Here’s an excerpt from a V Magazine article on Deborah; the colours on the right are Wicked Game and Razzle Dazzle (part of her ‘Jazz’ Collection).Today Was A Fairytale, Glitter In The Air, Across the Universe and Gwen Stefani whose nails she painted for the cover of InStyle.A Vanity Fair cover manicured by Deborah and Don’t Tell Mama nail polish. Surprisingly the polishes aren’t horrendously overpriced (albeit expensive for nail polish) retailing at $18-20. Direct from her website shipping is not available to Australia, but eBay have almost the entire line on sale at a similar price.Beginning with Mariah Carey, numerous celebrities have collaborated with her to design a nail polish. Above is Pat Benatar’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Renee Zellweger’s Just Walk Away Renee, and Dree Hemmingway’s Supermodel. As well as Sarah Smile modelled by Blake Lively.Demi Moore for W painted by Deborah, as well as Superstar, Boom Boom Pow and Some Enchanted Evening.

Mary J. Blige’s No More Drama, Cher’s Believe, Rodarte’s Marquee Moon, and Zac Posen’s Purple rain.

Happy Birthday, a Harper’s Bazaar cover featuring Deborah’s nail polish, and Bad Romance.And finally, the colour that kick started her line Satin Doll by Mariah Carey, as well as Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sarah Smile, Shape Magazine for Breast Cancer’s Shape Of My Heart and Kelly Ripa’s Whatever Lola Wants.

Kudos to Michi Girl for directing me here, who knew you could become famous as a manicurist?

Eva Fontanelli

February 25, 2011

Rocks my socks. She’s très cute! Scott Schuman’s favourite, Eva has crossed my eye a thousand times on The Sartorialist.

I always thought she was a well-dressed random, but they never are. Eva is the Editor of Italian Elle – which explains her completely unique sense of style – the editors always seem to have it! Don’t get me started on the beautiful Giovanna Battaglia.

Anyway, she dresses much ‘cuter’ than the average editor (e.g. ducky handbag in picture #2) which I think is inspiring to us youth who are yet to reach the age of fur coats and shift dresses.

She also shares Alexa’s cheeky tomboy-vibe in her fashion sense, but mixes it up with girly frills and pastel colours. I admire Eva Fontanelli.

Circuit Breaker

February 18, 2011

I love how well the video clip fits with this song; Circuit Breaker sounds exactly like a polyphonic-ringtone-DOS-game-soundtrack. But we all know Mark Ronson‘s a genius – can’t wait to see him at Future (if I ever get round to buying tickets!)

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